Fuji-ta Group has the world-leading intelligent spraying production base with more than 20 modern painting lines, including several high-grade painting lines, several dustless painting lines and one 100,000-class fully enclosed dustless painting line. All paints used by our company have passed EN ISO, CPSC, JIS, KS and other international quality standards. Our products have covered various market demands in the world, with superior strength and competitiveness in the Chinese bicycle industry.

Large automatic surface treatment line is imported from Japan by Fuji-ta Group, integrated with degreasing, washing, pickling, phosphate, drying and other painting processes. In terms of design, it uses the reverse-flow rinsing water-saving technology, and adopts ultrasonic vibration technology to enhance the efficiency of degreasing, pickling, phosphate, slag sediment, automatic cyclic filtering and slag removal technology, which greatly increases the adhesion of paint on the surface of products.
Fuji-ta Group promises to conduct 100% full inspection over the appearance of all blank frames before assembling the frame. All blank frames will be primed and grinded, in order to ensure the plumpness of blank appearance.
Fuji-ta Group owns large spraying treatment line. The design of scientific spraying line, professional staffing and automatic spraying robot imported from Swedish ABB corporation are typical representatives and major technical means of advanced manufacturing technology, which play an important technological role in enhancing the production efficiency and product quality, improving the working conditions, etc.
Fuji-ta Group owns a 100,000-class fully enclosed dustless DISC automatic electrostatic coating line with an investment of 7.6 million Yuan. Fuji-ta Group’s dustless painting line has a high spraying efficiency, high degree of paint utilization, high degree of automation and other advantages. The whole line has three-layer dust removal decoration. Together with the air supply device, it makes paint spraying more precise, which guarantees the levelness, cleanness, uniform paint membrane and full color of products.

At the same time, Fuji-ta Group also owns aluminum frame putty, R glue color cutting, large-area non-membrane label and other labeling production processes in the industry. In other words, the surface spraying of aluminum alloy bicycle frame is close to carbon fiber, making frame surface and welding points plumper and flatter. In Fuji-ta Group, all labeling operators have rich operation experience to ensure that the size error of object labeling is controlled to be less than 0.1-0.15mm. The research and development of such processes have created good economic benefits and industrial reputation for the Group.
Fuji-ta Group focuses on the quality testing of each detail. During the spraying process, it conducts strict quality control over many key links, prohibits defective products from entering the next production step, and guarantees the quality of each sprayed product in Fuji-ta.