Tianjin Fuji-ta Group Co., Ltd. is a large limited liability company integrated with r&d, production and marketing of various bicycles and electric vehicles.Fuji-ta Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992. Located in Junliangcheng, Dongli District, Tianjin Municipality, it is adjacent to Tianjin Port and Tianjin Binhai Coastal Economic & Technological Development Zone in the east, and close to Tianjin Dongli Economic & Technological Development Zone in the west. Also, it is situated at the “Golden Connection Belt” of Tianjin modern industrial base. The Group has five production and processing bases, covering an area of over 1,900 mu, and owns nine major subsidiaries. It is the largest bicycle export enterprise in China, and also the largest bicycle manufacturer in the world.




Frame Manufacturing

Fuji-ta Group has the largest modern frame production base in the world, and owns more than 60 bicycle frame production lines, including over 30 hi-ten steel frame lines and over 30 aluminum, carbon fiber and new-material frame lines. It can manufacture hi-ten steel frames, 6069/6061 aluminum frames, carbon fiber frames, magnesium alloy frames and other new-material frames. 
Bicycle Assembly

Fuji-ta Group has an automatic assembly production base with top technology, owns 33 bicycle assembly lines, and uses the most advanced assembly line imported from Netherlands, automatic rim assembly equipment, automatic calibrator, automatic knitting machine, electronic torque & anchoring force tool and other internally advanced assembly equipment. 
​​​​​Spraying & Labeling

Fuji-ta Group has the world-leading intelligent spraying production base with more than 20 modern painting lines, including several high-grade painting lines, several dustless painting lines and one 100,000-class fully enclosed dustless painting line, with superior strength and competitiveness in the Chinese bicycle industry.





Jintang Road,Junliangcheng,DongLi District,Tianjin ,China.

No.20 Taian Road, South Jinghai Economic-Development Zone,tianjin,China

 Chajin Road,South of Junliangcheng, Dongli District,Tianjin,China